A collective for artists with no formal training in art -
Self taught. Art without restrictive boundaries, not sterilised by academia.

the collective

VAN GOGH was a self-taught artist so those of us that have either chosen that route or been denied other options are in really good company. Autodidacte is a collective of artists with no formal training in art - Self taught. We make art without restrictive boundaries. Art not sterilised by academia. Free spirits in creativity.

We exist to promote the work of all members equally. To challenge the elitist art world view that to be an artist you need a degree or similar formal training, and accepting that everyone can become an artist. The elitist art-world is narrow-minded and formulaic. True art is always non-conformist. A collective where folk art and punk sensibilities have a home. We are serious about our art.

We advocate that all art to be of equal value and that art can only be viewed subjectively; believing that you cannot measure art. In other words there is no good or bad art, only art that we like or dislike. We believe that art is without rules. Art belongs to the people and not some elite. We consider ourselves practitioners of folk art; art by the people for the people. We want to encourage all forms of folk and naive art. Art needs to be truly egalitarian.

Please help support our members where you can by visiting any exhibitions we take part in, buying our work and generally telling other people of our existence.

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